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Plum Jam


Plum Jam

This delicately spiced jam is a gorgeous way to preserve the taste of autumn fruits – delicious spread on hot buttered toast,

Depending on the plums this recipe makes approx.. 6-9 x 430 ml jars.



2 kg     plums, stoned and roughly chopped

2 kg     white granulated sugar

2 tsp    ground cinnamon

2          cinnamon sticks (optional)

3 tbsp  lemon juice



  1. Place pitted and halved plums into a large cooking pot & drizzle with the sugar. Add the ground cinnamon and optional cinnamon sticks as well as the lemon juice. Stir plums until all coated with sugar. Let them sit for at least 2 hours (or overnight).
  2. Bring it to a boil uncovered, stirring occasionally. Boil until the mixture is bubbling uniformly. Simmer for 10 minutes then turn off the heat. Cool to room temperature.
  3. Repeat step 2 a total of two Last time bringing it to a boil at the lower temperature, stirring frequently to prevent scorching.


To sterilize your jars:

Start by washing your jars and lids with warm water and soap then let them dry in the oven at 215 C for about 20 min or until completely dry. Boil the lids 5 min.


Filling and processing your jam:

  1. Transfer your boiling hot jam to the jars using a glass measuring cup and a funnel (least messy method) leaving about 2 cm space.
  2. Screw the lids on enough to keep a tight seal in place. Will keep for 1 year in a cool, dark place.